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October 27, 2012
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Save your game progress, and set highscores with the SGC! :D (In order to use the SGC on any game, you must click the "Load Suomaf's Gaming Center" button on the preloader, and login before you start your game.)
[Version 1.2 is now Here] Patch Notes: Implemented SGC Compatability
[Version 1.1 is now Here] Patch Notes: [link]

----- CONTROLS -----
You can control the Pumpkin by boosting with the [W] [A] [S] or [UP] [LEFT] [DOWN] arrow keys.

1) Start launching by pressing [SPACEBAR]
2) Set the launch angle by [LEFT-CLICKING] anywhere or using [W]/[S] or [UP ARROW]/[DOWN ARROW] keys. Reset to default angle with the [R] key
3) Press [SPACEBAR] to procede after setting an angle, you will then see a powerbar charging right to left, press [SPACEBAR] to launch. Wait for the bar to reach the far left for 100% power (the rate at which the bar charges is customizable in the shop)

At anytime during the round you wish to end it hold the [R] key, note doing this will not grant you bits for the round nor record your distance.

Once your pumpkin has been destroyed you will be able to see stats (details by hovering over the bottom left "i" icon).
Press [R] to return to the menu once the pumpkin is destroyed.

See how far you can launch the pumpkin!

There are a total of 10 upgrades to purchase, and 35 achievements to earn; the last 7 achievements are "Hidden".

Here's one achievement for reading this: type "oatmeal" before having launched the pumpkin.

The Cheat Code for obtaining 10,000 bits is "GlitteringPrizes" (Type before having started the pumpkin launching process)

----- FAQ -----
Q: How do I get an achievement that requires typing?
A: Simply type the code before having launched the pumpkin, make sure the game is in-focus, by which I mean that you have not clicked off the game as that will result in it not being able to detect your key-presses; to make sure the game is in focus, click on the Achievements button to bring up the achievements page in order to ensure the game is in focus.
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PrincessCrystalSnow Featured By Owner 1 day ago

D=1427m B=617
PrincessCrystalSnow Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I got 1000m exactly
Distance = 1235m
Bitz = 444

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blurysong02 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
full power on gravity disabler
PBFT screw gravity!
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